Friday, April 9, 2010

9 April: How to Train Your Dragon-3D

Traffic was so jam tonight. Luckily I reached MidVal on time before the movie started. How to Train Your Dragon-3D: It was a funny and entertaining cartoon. That little dragon named Toothless was an adorable dragon. It has lots of antics, all sorts of nonsense that it never failed to melt your heart with an adorable character. When I got out of the cinema, I saw a poster featuring stitch. Suddenly I realised that Toothless actually resembled Stitch!! Perhaps the artist was looking at Stitch while drawing Toothless.

Toothless the Dragon

Having McD in cinema is a normal thing. But I was rather surprised when you told me you've never had McD in the cinema =.=". Strange indeed huh? ! 1st time 3D and 1st time McD in cinema, and you are watching a Dragon movie, so many Ds... haha.... If not because of that stupid jam, perhaps we wouldn't have eaten McD. =.="... anyway, it was not the worse dinner I ever had though, I still quite enjoyed the Chicken McDeluxe anyway, haha...

I had an ugly Friday noon experience that affected my work a little but that pleasant night movie was kinda soothed the awful afternoon. I enjoyed the night and I hope you've enjoyed too. I assume watching 3D for the 1st time would be a nice experience, huh?


  1. actually, the directors of this movie are also the directors of lil & stitch. that might explain why they look alike.

  2. well acually the lilo and stitch artist was also the artist for toothless so thats why he kinda resembles him.